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What Really, REALLY Bugs Me…sometimes:

An Art from the Heart Adventure©   for Children & /or Parents:

Niagara Falls Canada

'What Really, REALLY Bugs Me...sometimes' sets your child on a remarkable path of letting go of the upsets and frustrations of life in a safe and creative way. Its fun to do, easy, and best of all, the drawings your child makes can be very insightful for you as a parent. You and your child will learn a simplistic technique that can be used everyday to release and dissipate negative emotions, so these damaging emotions will not be kept bottled up or expressed in aggressive ways. 

 Children ages 4-12 will benefit from 'What Really, REALLY Bugs Me...sometimes" for the rest of their lives!  Workbook Included.

Each Children's Book comes with Suggestions on Implementing this book into Your Child's Life & a 3 Week Program to Follow to Help Child/ Children &/Or Parent(s) Develop this Valuable Habit as part of their Daily Routine. 

ALL Sessions 2 HOURS 


NEW What Really REALLY Bugs Me...sometimes 3 Week Program

 While It is a program can get books & do inthe privacy of your own home on your own...


With me as a mediator, to facilitate the program for you & your child...

It can be done in 3 Ways: (Depends on age of child)


1. Work with child 3 times then have the parent join in 3rd time. 

    (Once a Week doing daily heartworks to bring) Best teens/young adults.


2. Work with both parent & child for 3 weeks

    (Once a week both doing daily heartworks to bring to session) Best Ages 4 to teen


3. Parent comes for one or more sessions on own,

    Then child comes with them for 3 times until 3 week program is completed.

   (Once parent feels to grasp understanding/value of process for themselves they can be better able to lead by example. Then both come once a week with daily heartworks to bring to session)  

Best if parent has had trauma/loss/ big changes it allows them to dump them before we begin working with child.

 (Sometimes the child stops behaviour without the need to do workshop because they are no longer picking up parents anxieties/fear/anger/sadness.)


Once the type of program is chosen we would set up 3-6 weekly dates and begin.

This works well if parent or child is in counseling or not because it gives them a forum to stimulate conversation.

 I recommend the parent getting the Parent Book as well for in all cases.


Personally I feel it is always best if the parent does the process with the child for at least ONE 3 weeks (whether on your own or with me) and it is when the greatest success rate is achieved.




Every Child, Adolescent & Adult Need FUN, Safe, NON-Violent Ways to Release Their Negative Emotions..,


Your Investment for 3 Week Program:


Program Choice 1:

(3 times For Child Alone - Ages 10 & up & Incl. Child's Workbook)

Session One $95.00

Session Two & Three  $30.00 EACH ... 

OR ALL $135.00 Advanced Payment


Program Choice 2: ( 3 Times for Parent & Child Together (Incl. Child & Adult Book)

Session One $120.00 

Session Two & Three $30.00 EACH ...

OR ALL $150 Advanced Payment


Program Choice 3: (1-3 Sessions with Parent Then 3 with Child - Both Books Incl.)

Parent:  Session One $50.00 (Incl. Adult Book)

Sessions Two &/Or Three $30.00 EACH

Child: (See Program Choice 1)


Follow Up Sessions $20.00 hour (Usually 2 hours MAX)

Advance Payment $30.00 for 2 Hour Session

Child brings heartworks did at home and does a couple while there

OR Parent / Guardian can bring Child's Heartworks For Review

Advanced Registration Required 

Don't forget we do Virtual Reviews As Well!

 Register Me Now!

Too Far to Drive to Niagara Falls, CANADA?

Also Available in Book & Ebook Format & Comes with 3 Week Program and  One Certificate of Completion for each Purchase


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