Too Far To Drive?

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In Book  &  Ebook Format


Workshops & Retreats

A Girls Weekend of Laughing, Playing, Colouring, Meditation, Massage, Rejuvenating & Refocusing! 


Join in on this fun, yet insightful weekend now to make sure your get your waterfront room!  

It’s a breathtaking drive and destination at this time of year!

Bring a Friend to Share a room and expenses! 

Register Early with to get that extra bonus of an extra relaxation treatment.


Register online or print out attached registration form and we will contact you for more info 


Package One is for those who just wish to attend the Saturday events.

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Even the Strongest of People Need to DE-Stress to MANIFEST.

 In fact those of us who help others often have less time to devote to ourselves.   


  The more successful our business becomes and the more people we serve the more stress

& emotional clutter we pick up from the environment or generate with our own thoughts.

It be comes harder to connect with our soul's truest desires.


This workshop combo by Carolyn Shannon of Venting Creatively 

 Proves Time & Again that ADULTS LOVE to Play & Colour Too...

Especially when they are Relieving Stress,

Weeding Out What They Don't Want in Their Lives 

AND Getting CLEAR on What They DO Want.


This workshop is empowering on many levels!!!


Available in Group Formats Only

Both as a Workshop & Retreat



So Far Carolyn is Offering This Workshop at the Following Locations:


Contact Carolyn to Find Out Dates of Upcoming workshops


If not, get the Ebooks & DO it at Home.

Wish to Book a DE-Stress to MANIFEST Day

 for Your Organization or Group?


We Have The Following Options Open to YOU


At The Falls...Niagara Falls, Canada

Workshops Only

Workshops & Lunch

One Night, Breakfast, Workshops & Lunch

At Your Location...Travelling Expenses Extra

(March-December if booking outside Niagara Region)

Workshops Only