Empower Yourself by Venting Creatively!

Venting Creatively offers a variety of workshops to Empower Children, Adolescents & Adults. Some were developed for One on One or Small Groups, some for Large Group Energy.  ALL are geared to empowering the participants to be more successful in life

What is An Art from the Heart Adventure?  It is an active meditation journey you embark on to visit your heart, soul & authentic self. While on this trip you may be visited by old friends, loved ones, or pets who have left this earth or simply gain clarity about your life in the now.

When you return from each adventure you will have created a set of 'heartworks' representing the photographs of your journey, something you may keep to reflect on for years to come. Each time you or your friends and family view them they may have new meanings and seem to have evlolved just as your life  transforms from adventure to adventure.

Individual/Small Group Workshops

(Appropriate Taxes Already Included in Fee)

For Adolescents & Adults:

Laughter Yourself Healthy

AFTHA Short Jaunt

AFTHA Eye Opening Day Trip

AFTHA World Cruise

Personal or Virtual Reviews

Colouring Away Your Pain

Removing Your Walls of Lack & Delay

For Children & Or Parent/Guardian:

What Really, REALLY Bugs Me... Sometimes


Medium to Large Group Workshops

(Geared to Adolescents & Adults, Organizations, Corporations)

The 'LIGHT'er Side of Venting

I CAN See Clearly NOW!

My Life's Flight PLan

Laughter Yourself Healthy

Colouring Away Your Pain

Alligator River: The Dick & Jane Version

DE-Stress to MANIFEST Workshops


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